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Kavnas - From The Ground Up


From The Ground Up

From The Ground Up is an online resource that helps entrepreneurs succeed in their business endeavors. The channel, which became popular on Youtube, boasts nearly 100K subscribers.

Technology Used

Nextjs, Ghost Content API, Sketch

The client anticipates heavy traffic as the brand continues to grow in popularity. To accommodate for such volume, Kanvas rebuilt the website using the Ghost Content API, an ultra-lightweight blogging platform. The website is a headless Nextjs application that is optimized for faster load times.

Kavnas - MAKEX Mobile App Prototype


MAKEX Mobile App Prototype

A prototype created for MAKEX, a mobile application that makes it easier for businesses to connect with retailers.

Technology Used


Simple, clean, and modern. That was the request from the client for MAKEX, an eCommerce mobile app. Before any coding was conducted, the prototype was designed to visually inform the team of the client's vision.

Kavnas - Americana Property Management


Americana Property Management

Americana Property Management is a company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Americana specializes in managing long-term rentals.

Technology Used

WordPress, PHP

Americana's previous website did not have nearly as many features as the client desired. The website was difficult to manage and update. Because of this, Kanvas built a fully customized WordPress theme utilizing Advanced Custom Fields to provide customization where it matters.

Kavnas - Easycline Shopify Website


Easycline Shopify Website

Easycline is a home exercise equipment that is portable, lightweight, and easy to use.

Technology Used

Shopify, Liquid

The client requested to merge its existing website with another Shopify website in order to consolidate the brand, allowing customers to shop with ease. Kanvas created a Shopify theme, organized the inventory, and introduced the Ambassador program, an affiliate program designated for influencers in the fitness industry.

Kavnas - Allstate Landing Page


Allstate Landing Page

Allstate lead capture page, created for the Allstate branch in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Technology Used

Reactjs, Firebase

This initiative is part of a social media campaign intended to capture leads in the Las Vegas area. The landing page was built in Reactjs and hosted on Firebase.

Kavnas - Fengcha Tea


Fengcha Tea

Fengcha Tea is a franchised Boba shop with multiple locations in Texas, California, and Las Vegas.

Technology Used

Final Cut Pro, Adobe Lightroom

The client requested a new website and video to highlight its opening in Las Vegas. The video was intended to run on social media as well as part of the marketing video on its official website.

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